Rules of Survival iOS

Rules of Survival game made its debut on iOS devices! If you are an iOS user and interesting in this survival game by NetEase games, quickly download then install it now. The game is inspired by Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, promising to give you many challenges and tasks to go through. Take this chance to show off your abilities as well as prove that you are the best survivor, the only one who can make it till the end.
ROS for iOS is just like ROS for Android device and PC! You have to control your character and visit some locations to find weapons, supplies with other handy stuff before getting ready to engage in the combat. Use your collected stuff wisely to cope with the enemies, kill them all while protecting yourself, stay alive in a safe zone until you are the only last man standing.

Rules of Survival for IOS

Product by: NetEase Games
Request : IOS

Download ROS for IOS

Download ROS for iOS

Go to your Apple App store on your iOS device, type the name of the game then touch to start the download. Wait for it to be installed on your device, after that, you just touch the icon and enter the battle.

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