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Rules of Survival is a famous free downloadable Multiplayer Survival game by NetEase games. You can download and join this game to experience a brutal combat between you and other opponents. At the moment, the game is available in your Google Play Store, you can come get it directly if you want, or you can start to install APK file on your device.
You spawn in a large arena with lots of survivors. After being airdropped into an island, you will begin to search for many weapons and useful supplies that help you beat the rivals as well as prolong your life. Shoot down your opponents when you catch sight of them, find awesome vehicles to upgrade your movements and they also help you surpass some rough terrains. There is a safe zone that gets smaller through over time. You need to stay alive in that zone trying to become the ultimate survivor!

How to install APK

APK only works on Android device, so make sure your mobile device is powered by Android if you want to try it.

  1. Begin to download the APK, and install it on the device.
  2. netease.chiji copy into the Folder of Android/Obb (inside storage)
  3. Open the game and start to join it.
  4. Always remember DLandroid

New update:

After releasing the update on November 18, 2017, some unexpected crashes were resolved. You need to redownload the game so you can fix the issue if the old version is still on your device.

Rules of Survival for APK

Product by: NetEase Games
Request : Android

Download ROS for APK

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