Rules of Survival Android

The Android users can totally check out Rules of Survival game and play it on their mobile devices. The game is inspired by Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds with a bunch of challenges to go through. It’s free for download, so take this chance to explore it now!

Rules of Survival Android open a savage combat where players have to kill each other for their ultimate win. You will become one of them trying to find your weapons, items, as well as other supplies before joining the fight. Wander around numerous locations, enter some buildings to find them, but make sure you protect yourself from being trapped by your rivals. You can team up with some friends to destroy the tougher ones, shoot them all and stop them from taking you out. The main objective here is to stay alive until the very conclusion of the game.

Download ROS for Android

To download ROS Android, you need to go to the Google Play Store, find the game there and start to download it to your device. The game will be automatically installed on the device after the download is done. To launch, just simply touch the game icon.

Rules of Survival for Android

ROS for Android
Product by: NetEase Games
Request : Android 4.x

Download ROS for Android

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