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Rules of Survival online takes you to a savage combat where enemies are trying to get rid of each other for a chance of becoming the last man standing. Similar to PUBG game, you will be airdropped in an island that is considered as the main playfield. Start to roam the map carefully to find more weapons with many useful items, then, equip yourself with them in order to fight against others. Your backpack can only contain a certain amount of ammo with other supplies, you should think carefully about what items are necessary to use. When you are low on health, just quickly regain it by using a bandage or booster. There is a safe zone that turns up along the time. You need to stay alive in that zone until the very end of the combat, which makes you an ultimate survivor. Engage in the game now! Good luck to you!

How to play :

Use keys WASD to move your character. Aim and shoot at the opponents using the mouse. Press key F to gather more loot.