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Rules of Survival is a Multiplayer Shooter mobile app game that can be downloaded and installed on the mobile devices for free. If you want to experience a dangerous adventure with so many risks to undergo, then don’t miss this game inspired by PUBG. There are three platforms you can enjoy it, including iOS devices, Android devices, and PCs.

About Rules of Survival

Prepare yourself for a brutal survival combat between you and many opponents from across the world. Rules of Survival follows the success of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game and it brings you many challenges to go through. When spawning into the arena, you start to jump out of an airplane, then quickly use your parachute to descend on a deserted island where you begin your combat. After landing, you will make some first moves trying to search for some weapons, supplies, nice items and stuff that will help you survive. Being an unarmed survivor is not good at all, that’s why finding the equipment is really important to you. Try visiting some abandoned buildings that you think they contain what you need. Gear up yourself carefully then you can engage in the fight!

Vehicles help you move faster than sprinting, so make sure you won’t forget to find them. You can use them to chase your targets or get away from dangers quickly, which saves your life. When you roam the locations, you have to be careful and watch the surroundings before acting since there are probably some deadly traps set by your opponents. Getting trapped will reduce a chance of your survival, so you’d better stay away from suspicious places. Concentrate on collecting stuff, and make a good use of them for an edge over your opponents.

It’s up to you to join a team or play as a solo survivor. However, you are highly recommended to engage in a team because you may need some help and support from your allies when you can’t handle the risks. Try to make excellent teamwork so that you guys can wipe out the tough opponents. In addition, as a team, you will be able to share some good strategies during the battle too. But if you love to experience the battle alone yourself, then you can choose not to engage in any teams. However, you have to make sure that you are well-equipped and have some useful tactics ready. Try your hardest to act quickly but carefully when you catch sight of some opponents in front of you.

Just like PUBG game, you will see there is a safe zone on a map too. The zone keeps shrinking as time goes by, which is very hard to survive in. This is your main objective too, so make sure you do whatever it takes to keep yourself alive in that safe zone. But first, you need to get rid of all of your opponents using your weapons and your own smart strategies so that you can become the last man standing, and this is everybody’s goal!

Rules of Survival APK

Product by: NetEase Games
Request : Android

Download ROS APK

Rules of Survival IOS

Product by: NetEase Games
Request : IOS

Download ROS IOS

Rules of Survival Android

ROS for Android
Product by: NetEase Games
Request : Android 4.x

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Rules of Survival PC

Ty the PC Version
Version : 1.126452.127147
Product by: NetEase Games
Capacity: 1019 MB
Updated: 24/01/2018
Request : Windows 7/8/10

Download Rules of Survival PC


You can run away from a combat, or engage in it to battle against other enemies.

The whole HD map has beautiful graphics, along with stunning effects, so you can enjoy them during your game.

Solo mode and squad mode will be your choices here. So you can think about them very carefully the pick your favorite one before engaging in the combat.

Lots of awesome weapons and nice equipment you can collect then use to your advantage in the game.

Find lots of vehicles then utilize them well so you can move over many terrains or chase your targets.

Download and install

Rules of Survival game is free for download and install on your device. Follow some steps below to install it now!

If you want to play the game on your mobile device, go to Apple App Store or Google Play Store, find the game and tap to download it to the device.

But if you want to play it on PC, you can download the PC version by clicking the link below, then gradually follow the steps to finish the installation.
After downloading and installing, you can launch the game by clicking or tapping the icon on your device.

Give a nickname to your character first and choose a gender

Pick a game mode, then enter the combat!

You can see there are some sections on the screen. They exhibit the actions your character will carry out, like running, punching, sprinting, jumping and more. Touch them if you want to interact with your character.

System requirements

The required Android version for playing Rules of Survival game is at least 4.0.

The required iOS version for running the game is 7.0 and later. Also, you can play on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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